Beth. Senior illustrator / 2D animator / character designer at Floyd County Productions for FX channel's Archer and other animated studio projects.

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Possible designs for Tamika Flynn, our resident warrior deity. I’m lazy as hell, so assume the lack of gore indicates pre-library-battle!Tamika.






Mike Tyson Mysteries -SDCC 2014 Sneak Peek

Mike Tyson Mysteries – starring Mike Tyson, Norm Macdonald, Jim Rash, and Rachel Ramras. Coming Fall 2014 to Adult Swim.


Oh wow, this is actually animated well.

This looks awesome

oh my god

Is the mystery how everyone has collectively forgotten Tyson was convicted of raping an 18 yr old girl?

Now watch it again.


I colored Beth Lewis’ line art of Sailor Moon for fun because her art is so amazing!

Ah! Robin added some beautiful color to my line-art. So flattered to have such a talented artist inspired by my work!

Anonymous asked
i love your style! hope to see more wtnv art in the future. i'm noticing you draw in red hues, any reason?

Yup, actually. I’m a traditionally trained 2D animator, and once I started doing all my pencil tests in red col-erase, the habit stuck. My brain now correlates the red with being free and loose, like rough animations.

For Shannon. She was the first friend I made at FCP, and will likely be the last, once she indiscriminately slaughters everyone in trial by combat.

Mayhaps I shall color it someday. Some far away, un-lazy day.

klartwork asked
I wish I could reblog it all. Stunning work, I love your crisp lines and the expressions on all the characters—you really make them unique. How often do you work traditionally? I noticed you said you scanned stuff in before you posted it. Is there a process to cleaning it up?

Thank you. I actually don’t work traditionally, like at all, these days. It’s not a great habit, since it caused me to not draw outside of studio/freelance work for the last 2-3 years. I’ve been pretty burned out.

But! Lately I’m pushing myself to draw for fun again, so that eventually I can build up more design work for my portfolio that isn’t Floyd County exclusive. For now, I’m just brushing up my chops in my own personal style.

When I did work traditionally, I did the minimum clean-up post scanning. I usually liked the rough, free look, and just tried to strengthen the contrast with a little hue/saturation adjustment in PS.

Lupita Nyong’o. Kinda. At least what I can remember of her from the red carpet photos.

Lupita Nyong’o. Kinda. At least what I can remember of her from the red carpet photos.

Anonymous asked
I saw that Chozen wasn't renewed! I'm so sorry for you guys! : (

Yup, Chozen has been canceled. Such is the nature of the industry. I’m very saddened that we’re releasing so many amazing artists here at FCP with the loss of the production. The writing improved greatly as the season progressed, and the art direction was always brilliant on our end. 

I was promoted into a position that moved me off Archer around mid-season, but I still contributed sporadically to both Archer and Chozen after I moved departments. We’re losing artists on both shows that I feel very honored to call co-workers and friends.

kittykoolkatz25 asked
So I probably have the biggest lady-boner for you and your talent soo... congrats?

Thanks! All boners are acceptable here.

lunarscope asked
Sorry to bother you, but does that mean Archer is no longer an FX based show?

Nope! Syndication is when a network, other than the one that first aired the program, buys the rights to also air the show with designated stipulations decided upon by all parties. As of May 2015, Archer seasons 1-4 will begin airing on Comedy Central and FXX.  FX is still the exclusive home for all future un-aired Archer episodes, but you’ll be able to conveniently catch our reruns on other channels besides FX.

So with all these available avenues (including Netflix and Amazon), all you jerks have no excuse for not watching Archer.

We’ll All Have A Lot More Of ‘Archer’ On Our Television Screens Very Soon

They syndicated us so hard.

cybernetic-catriarch asked
So... Archer. I didn't really know about the show until today, but any chance we can get more of the velociraptor thing? I would bump it to the top of my priority list if we had a lot more of that.


I will send this suggestion along to my superiors. And by superiors I mean HEY BETH WE NEED MORE VELOCIRAPTORS HOPE YOU’RE READING MY POSTS STILL

I thought about passing it along, but then I started drawing dicks and now I can’t remember the question… Who are you? How did you get this number? Don’t ever call here again.

‘Archer’ love scene breakdown on

So. Here’s some things I drew this season featured on Entertainment Weekly. If there’s nudity, it’s pretty much guaranteed I had a hand in it somewhere.